Roadmap 2023 – so far

We are excited to unveil the Uffective Roadmap for the first half of 2023, showcasing come extraordinary achievements that have propelled our tool to new heights. Join us as we redefine success in project and portfolio management. From improving our visual capabilities in PowerBI and interactive Gantt charts, to improving board decisions making by showing similar […]

Digitale Transformation eines Stadtwerks am Beispiel KVV

Partner-Web-Seminar Video Zusammenschnitt Haben Sie unser spannendes Partner-Web-Seminar verpasst? Dann haben Sie jetzt die Gelegenheit sich die Highlights aus der Aufzeichnung anzuschauen. Erfahren Sie, was digitale Transformation in einem Stadtwerk bedeutet – hands-on und direkt aus der Praxis: Bei der Kasseler Verkehrs- und Versorgungs-GmbH (KVV) ist die Digitalisierung – nach Re-Organisation und Neugründung der internen […]

The Salami Slicing Problem   

Image of a salami being sliced

In the project portfolio management (PPM) world, the salami-slicing problem is sadly common. This tendency to break down larger projects into smaller topics, or slices, makes it challenging to see the whole picture. The difficulty with this approach is that it can lead to you only being able to react to individual, separate pieces rather […]

Bid Management with Uffective: Streamline Your Tenders 

Bid management for tenders at Uffective.

Managing tenders is an integral part of many businesses, especially in the public sector, and dealing with many different tenders simultaneously can be incredibly challenging.   But it doesn’t have to be hard work. With Uffective Bid Management, you can:  What are the challenges when it comes to bid management?  Bid management is the process of […]

Uffective Connected Multi-Cloud: Get more out of your IT euro

In today’s fast-paced business world, staying ahead of the curve can make all the difference. That’s where Uffective Connected Multi-Cloud (UCMC) comes in. UCMC is a cloud-to-cloud solution that allows businesses to combine all their important data sources, such as SAP, JIRA, LeanIX, ServiceNow and, of course, Uffective, within one database structure. This provides a […]

Machine Learning & IT Portfolio Management

🇩🇪💡Are you a German speaker? In this ‘Digital Pacemaker’ podcast, Mark van der Pas our CEO, discusses Machine Learning in the context of digital transformation with Ulrich Irnich CIO at Vodafone Germany and Markus Kuckertz Head of IT Strategy & Innovation at Vodafone:

What are Similarity Predictions?

Our machine learning team has developed a new product to automatically identify similar items in Uffective. This word-to-vector-based model is already being used by some of our largest customers. Niels van der Pas | Director of Machine Learning at Uffective “The advantage of these models is that they can increase efficiency in the execution of […]