Bid management for tenders at Uffective.

Bid Management with Uffective: Streamline Your Tenders 

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Managing tenders is an integral part of many businesses, especially in the public sector, and dealing with many different tenders simultaneously can be incredibly challenging.  

But it doesn’t have to be hard work. With Uffective Bid Management, you can: 

  • Manage your deadlines better 
  • Unravel the complexities of your bids 
  • Get all internal stakeholders aligned 
  • Layout your bid clearly and powerfully 
  • Move away from endless Excel files 

What are the challenges when it comes to bid management? 

Bid management is the process of managing tenders from start to finish. It involves knowing where tenders are issued, which internal department to get stuck in at what point in time, having an overview of the tender materials, managing the tender steps toward deadlines, creating a strategy, conducting an assessment, and bringing everything together.  

While some businesses can manage this process using Excel, it can be overwhelming for those with dozens or even hundreds of tenders to manage. This is where Uffective comes in.  

Streamline your tenders, move away from Excel and use the power of machine learning 

Uffective features a powerful bid management platform that simplifies your tender process. It provides a workflow to execute the bid management process, capture information, bring all the relevant members of the bid board together and assess the data transparently and efficiently. 

While all businesses who work with tenders can benefit, our platform is especially useful for companies that manage a large number of tenders each year. You can analyse different aspects of the tender, set up workflows and approval stages and identify bottlenecks and pain points. The platform also provides a holistic view of what is happening across the bid, allowing management to make informed decisions.  

Uffective offers a move away from Excel. It provides recommendations of what tenders to work on, and predictions based on past data. It can even estimate the likelihood of project success through machine learning.  

Bid for and win more tenders 

This innovative approach allows businesses to scale their tender process and win more bids.  

Uffective introduced its bid management process with multinational clients, which soon became integral to their business. Companies saw an increase of up to 20% in efficiency and up to €10 million boost in additional revenue. Because of the increased efficiency, their teams are now able to handle more tenders at the same time and derive structured information out of tenders which are won or lost.  

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