Integrate Uffective with your favourite tools
to enable real Digital Transformation

Uffective is one of the leading platforms to enable
the digital transformation journey of your business.

We help you steer all relevant commercial activities cross business units
and boost the decision agility of all your employees.
 To enable full digital transformation from a data architecture and workflow perspective,
Uffective integrates
with other software toolsets via fast and reliable web services.

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Tools we have integrated so far:


Confluence can act like powerful
share-drive when being integrated with Uffective. Content collaboration from confluences synchronizes with
Uffective OKRs and lean PPM.



Secure Login to Uffective via Excel interface. Real-time upload and download of all your relevant datapoints from Excel (e.g.: Business Case Updates, PSP Elements, Data-Dumps).



Uffective is your leading Portfolio level JIRA extension. We integrate with JIRA and our interface framework can be used to e.g. create features, update user stories and close task.


Lean IX

Connect the leading SaaS platform for application management with Uffective.
Track and monitor the impact of your projects to your application landscape in real-time.



Synchronize calendar information in real-time, send and update meeting invites from Uffective (e.g.: Autogenerate project meeting agendas via Uffective and invite to Outlook).


Power BI

Export all relevant data-points via export or Uffective Multi-Cloud to Power BI.
Use standard Uffective Power BI templates for data quality tracking and time-to-market improvements.



Prepare your recurrent budget cycle in Uffective and upload to SAP, automate the creation of PSP elements in real-time or simply create WBS elements to share project actuals and obligos.



As with Power BI customer using our
Tableau integration use Tableau for
extensive data analysis and data mining. Relevant data points are synchronized in
real time between both toolsets.


MS Teams

Connect your leading collaboration tool
with the leading Portfolio and Project management platform (e.g.: Financial
approval workflows from Uffective
interact with relevant Teams chats).



Extend your powerful ServiceNow
workflows with the leading agile PPM
platform. Financial project governance workflows and OKRs can be integrated
with e.g. ServiceNow HR workflow management.

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