Uffective Road Map 2022 Pt. 2

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Another year has passed! It’s the perfect time to review how much we have progressed. In July, we took you on a roadmap of our highlights for 2022. And during the past six months, we reached some more significant milestones. We are excited for the new year and look forward to what landmarks we will achieve in 2023 with you.

JULY | Office 365 Integration

After almost a year, we successfully finalized our partnership with Microsoft, which allows Uffective to offer full integration with Office 365. This allows users to manage Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files simultaneously in Uffective. It reduces the need for SharePoint and offers a context-relevant environment (such as a project or an OKR) where documents can be managed.

AUGUST | Google Maps Integration

Portfolios can now use data from Google Maps to plan maintenance on location or for other location-based purposes.

SEPTEMBER | Power BI Connection

In 2021, Power BI was integrated into Uffective. In September 2022 we optimised this integration. Users can now jump from Power BI into Uffective to unlock more details about their analytics. Using the Power BI integration, they can also easily view where the data comes from and how it can be used.

OCTOBER | Decision Approval 2.0

Decision approval was enhanced. It now shows the entire approval chain, including who has received, approved, rejected, or still needs to receive approval requests. Documents to be approved can also be downloaded at one push of a button and users can discuss topics directly in Uffective.
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NOVEMBER | Data Quality Improvements

We integrated the capability to send requests for tasks, such as time writing or project reports, with the push of a button. Project Management Offices can now, for example, ask their Project Managers to update their project records or their business case information. Managers can also ask their team members to track their time.

DECEMBER | Leverage the potential of Re-use

We integrated Re-use in the Project Lifecycle by suggesting similar investments directly after creating a new project. For the first time, we also include information on similar investments within board approvals. This enables governance board to operationally discuss Re-use capabilities.

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