Project Budget Management: The Magic Triangle 

The Magic Triangle In PPM. A magic wand is pictured performing a trick on a triangle

Efficient budget management is key to successful project portfolio management, enabling organisations to allocate resources effectively and accomplish their strategic objectives. While the conventional approach to budget management, represented by the magic triangle of time, scope, and budget, has long been employed in waterfall projects, the agile methodology demands a fresh perspective. In this article, […]

The Salami Slicing Problem   

Image of a salami being sliced

In the project portfolio management (PPM) world, the salami-slicing problem is sadly common. This tendency to break down larger projects into smaller topics, or slices, makes it challenging to see the whole picture. The difficulty with this approach is that it can lead to you only being able to react to individual, separate pieces rather […]

E.ON | Capacity & Resource Management

As a wholly owned subsidiary of E.ON, e.kundenservice Netz (EKN) has set itself the goal of providing the customers of the E.ON group with the latest technology in the field of energy supply while offering an excellent service. One thousand employees at four locations in Germany are responsible for EKN’s seven million customers. To achieve […]

WHITE PAPER | Project & Portfolio Management

As the business world accelerates, it gets harder and harder for project managers to keep track. Project data and information stored in today’s standard tools will soon be outdated. In this article, you will learn how intelligent software helps you overcome this challenge.

Construction Projects in the Energy Sector

Create transparency in your construction projects in the energy sector Construction projects in the energy industry, such as overhead lines and substations, are very complex – numerous factors influence internal and external processes. Resource and capacity management is particularly affected by these challenges, since a large number of specialist planners are involved and their activities […]