Uffective Road Map 2022 Pt. 1

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It’s halfway through – the perfect time to look back and recap what we’ve accomplished over the past six months.

JANUARY | Increase performance with multiple Uffective instances

In January, we deployed the capability to more easily manage multiple Uffective instances. This allows large companies to run different Uffective versions across different business units or departments and significantly improve performance. We also used this capability to reduce customer defects as we deployed new software changes to a small set of customers, before rolling it out in phases to all customers.

FEBRUARY | Reducing costs in data processing

Our data warehouse solution, Uffective Connected Multicloud (UCMC), migrated to the latest technology. This includes an Azure data factory for extracting, converting and uploading data from our standard Uffective solution into the UCMC. With this, we reduced the cost of data processing, improved the reliability of that process, while enabling us to increase monitoring capabilities in our data factory.

MARCH | Machine learning saves time and repeating tasks

Our Machine Learning team delivered a new product that can automatically track similar items in Uffective. This word-to-vec based model was deployed for a large customer, and they can now see if teams are working on similar projects. This means that colleagues are informed if co-workers have already completed a similar project, saving time and resources, and avoiding repetition.

APRIL | Benchmark beating performance

Our ambition has always been to exceed our competitors on performance. This ambition was realised in April, as our software platform now is faster than the competitor benchmarks we have set ourselves. By improving our performance, we can react swiftly to any changes or issues that may arise for our users.

MAY | Improved usability with our intuitive design update

We completely redesigned our pages to make them easier to use. While still retaining our classic clean look, our design now looks more attractive and, more importantly, has become more intuitive thanks to the increased use of icons.

JUNE | Our chat function gets an upgrade

FYI is our team chat function. It has a massive benefit over other messaging platforms (such as Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts and Slack), because it enables you to communicate directly in the projects you are working on, with the messaging history saved in its correct place. This upgrade allows rich text messages (with improved formatting, screenshots and embedded links) and presents the messaging history in a  more understandable way.


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