5 Benefits of Project & Portfolio Management 

Why Your Organisation Can’t Afford to Ignore It In today’s dynamic business environment, companies constantly face new challenges and opportunities that require effective decision-making.   Project and portfolio management is the process of selecting and coordinating the management of a group of projects or investments to achieve strategic goals. In this article, we will discuss its […]

Use Machine Learning With Scrum To Plan Your Resources Better 

A company’s success is built on how it best manages its resources. If resources are used effectively, higher production can be achieved at a lower cost and with less impact on employees.    With Uffective, you can use many methods to manage your resources, including machine learning. Read our case study below to learn how […]

Why is our AI called Sandra?

In the recent Digital Pacemaker podcast with Vodafone’s Ulli Irnich and Markus Kuckertz and our CEO Mark, the following question came up – does our AI have a name, and is it male or female? We would like to introduce you to one of our most important colleagues, Sandra.She is responsible for managing a few […]