Overcome the Data Visibility Challenge in Project Portfolio Management

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Traditional portfolio management often faces a range of challenges, and one of the most prevalent among them is a need for more data visibility.

Organisations lack critical insights about ongoing projects, hindering decision-making and progress. Questions like project status, performance, issues encountered, contribution to organisational objectives, task ownership, and budget utilisation often remain unanswered. However, with Uffective, you can get a range of features to tackle this problem head-on.

Addressing The Problem: No data visibility

One of the most common problems traditional portfolio management faces is a need for more data visibility. Organisations encounter difficulties in obtaining crucial information, including:

· Identifying projects currently in progress

· Assessing the performance of ongoing projects

· Understanding specific issues encountered in these projects

· Determining how these projects contribute to organisational objectives

· Identifying responsible individuals for tasks and their timelines

· Tracking the percentage of the project budget utilised

Uffective Enables Data Visibility

Uffective offers a complete set of features that directly address the issue of data visibility, enabling organisations to make informed decisions and streamline portfolio management processes. Here’s how Uffective’s cloud-to-cloud solution helps overcome the challenges:

1. Smart Start: a central hub that instantly provides access to project information, data analytics, and project creation, offering a clear overview of responsibilities, critical milestones, risks, and tasks requiring attention or mitigation.

2. Uffective provides visual overviews, prioritises projects based on various criteria, and links them to key performance indicators for effective portfolio management.

3. Uffective simplifies dependency and risk management, ensuring smooth coordination and proactive risk mitigation through highlighting risks and assigning owners.

4. Uffective provides pre-configured portfolio-level insights, offering a structured approach to portfolio management. Users gain visibility into budget allocation, project performance, risks, and key metrics such as NPV.

5. Uffective’s low-code platform empowers administrators with easy setups and management capabilities, including user management, role creation, permission setting, and project configuration. It also provides a dedicated testing environment for change validation before implementation.

By using Uffective, organisations can overcome the problem of data visibility in traditional portfolio management. The platform provides a centralised and intuitive interface, visual overviews, efficient dependency and risk management, portfolio-level insights, and powerful administrative features. With Uffective, organisations gain a comprehensive view of their projects, enabling better decision-making, enhanced collaboration, and improved project outcomes.

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