Why is our AI called Sandra?

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In the recent Digital Pacemaker podcast with Vodafone’s Ulli Irnich and Markus Kuckertz and our CEO Mark, the following question came up – does our AI have a name, and is it male or female?

We would like to introduce you to one of our most important colleagues, Sandra.
She is responsible for managing a few different things at Uffective:

Processing workflow requests

If, for example, you accept or reject a workflow that asks for budget approval via email, Sandra will ensure that this response is processed in Uffective.

Offering recommendations

Sandra can keep you informed about a lot of interesting topics. It is possible to create subscriptions for events such as budget approvals, new project creation and more in Uffective. Once these events occur, Sandra will send you a summary of the outcomes by email.

Sandra can also be contacted if you have any questions about Uffective. If needed, she will be assisted by a ‘real’ Uffective colleague. AI bots can be incredibly helpful, but they sometimes need a little real human input.

Niels van der Pas | Director of Machine Learning

“The advantage of these using AI models
is that they can increase efficiency when executing your projects.”

Why a female bot?

AI like Sandra, and virtual assistants like Alexa, Siri, Cortana and Google Assistant, all have one thing in common – by default, they are all female. But why is this?

Research has found that humans intuitively prefer female bots over male ones, which helps them better accept and communicate with AI. This is because people perceive female perspectives to offer more warmth and emotions – intrinsic human qualities lacking in machines.

This is why we have Sandra. To give a warmer, human perspective to all of the complex data crunching that is going on to help our users in the background. She is there to provide you with a smoother, more insightful and more human experience when using Uffective.

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