Is standard software dead?

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The Transformation from Standard Software to Flexibility: A Conversation with Dr. Tobias Hartwich from E.ON and Mark van der Pas, CEO of Uffective.

In today’s digital business world, the flexibility of software solutions is crucial. Companies like E.ON rely on innovative tools to streamline their workflows and support their employees. But how do you find the right software that meets individual requirements? Dr. Tobias Hartwich, IT Portfolio Manager at E.ON, and Mark van der Pas, CEO of Uffective, discuss their experiences and insights in a fascinating podcast. The conversation is moderated by Markus Lause, CCO of Uffective.

Challenges with Conventional Software

Companies often face difficulties with standard software that doesn’t perfectly fit their workflows. Dr. Tobias Hartwich shares negative experiences with previous tools that were downright hated by employees. An important aspect was dissatisfaction due to inefficient workflows and unclear processes.

The Birth of Uffective

Mark van der Pas explains how Uffective emerged as a response to these problems. Through intensive collaboration with customers and continuous feedback collection, software was developed that flexibly responds to the needs of users. This flexibility enables companies like E.ON to optimally map their individual business processes and continuously adapt them.

The Flexibility of Uffective

Dr. Tobias Hartwich emphasizes the flexibility of Uffective, which allows him to easily customize attributes, workflows, colors, and icons. These adjustments can be made in no time, without requiring IT skills or programming knowledge. This enables agile working methods and the rapid implementation of ideas.

The Future of Software Solutions

Mark van der Pas and Dr. Tobias Hartwich agree that standard software is increasingly losing its importance. Instead, successful providers like Uffective focus on flexibility and customer orientation. By continuously developing and adapting to the needs of users, they remain competitive and offer their customers the best possible support.

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