Why you should give Machine Learning a seat at the table 

Today, more and more companies are using machine learning. However, there are still many reservations about machine learning and a need for more acceptance and trust.    It is generally accepted that this is crucial for the long-term success of AI in companies. The fact that algorithms can increasingly pronounce better decisions than human decision-makers or […]

Machine Learning & IT Portfolio Management

🇩🇪💡Are you a German speaker? In this ‘Digital Pacemaker’ podcast, Mark van der Pas our CEO, discusses Machine Learning in the context of digital transformation with Ulrich Irnich CIO at Vodafone Germany and Markus Kuckertz Head of IT Strategy & Innovation at Vodafone:

What are Similarity Predictions?

Our machine learning team has developed a new product to automatically identify similar items in Uffective. This word-to-vector-based model is already being used by some of our largest customers. Niels van der Pas | Director of Machine Learning at Uffective “The advantage of these models is that they can increase efficiency in the execution of […]

What is Machine Learning?

You have probably heard the term Machine Learning before, but what is it really, and how can it help your business to become more efficient and effective?  Machine Learning (ML) is a subset of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It aims to analyze (large) data sets to make predictions based on specific patterns in the data. ML […]

E.ON | Capacity & Resource Management

As a wholly owned subsidiary of E.ON, e.kundenservice Netz (EKN) has set itself the goal of providing the customers of the E.ON group with the latest technology in the field of energy supply while offering an excellent service. One thousand employees at four locations in Germany are responsible for EKN’s seven million customers. To achieve […]

OKRs with Markus Lause

Are you a German speaker? Want to know how OKRs can help transform your business? In episode nine of the Digital Pacemaker podcast, Markus René Lause from Uffective, discusses with Ulrich Irnich CIO at Vodafone Germany, and Markus Kuckertz, Head of IT Strategy & Innovation at Vodafone, how to use OKRs to motivate your teams and boost your decisions.