Unlocking Business Speed: Achieving Efficiency without Compromise

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In today’s fast-paced business landscape, speed is more than just a competitive advantage—it is a necessity. However, achieving speed should not come at the expense of quality. At Uffective, we understand the importance of accelerating processes while maintaining excellence.  

Our CEO, Mark van der Pas, affirms, “Speeding up increases quality and reduces costs.” Speeding up is not about driving output with a whip; it is about enhancing efficiency without compromising quality. At Uffective, we believe that accelerating processes should enhance quality, not sacrifice it.

The time needed to deliver new functionality encompasses the collective working hours dedicated to developing, creating, testing, and deploying the feature, coupled with the waiting period. It is surprising that the waiting time often constitutes over 95% of the total time to market, occasionally even surpassing 99%. Our primary focus is on improving and reducing the waiting time, rather than specifically targeting the 5% or even 1%.

‘Little’s Law’ describes how to reduce this waiting time, linking Time-to-Market (TTM) to Work in Progress (WIP) divided by system throughput. In simpler terms, imagine being in a queue at a café. If more people are ahead of you and it takes longer for each person to place their order (work in progress and throughput), your wait time will naturally be longer. By minimizing the number of people in line (reducing work in progress) or making the order process quicker (increasing throughput), the overall wait time decreases.

How does faster delivery boost quality and reduce costs?

Faster feedback is the key. Imagine asking a programmer why they chose a certain approach in their code. If you ask on the day they created the code, the answer will be clear and direct. However, if you ask a week later, they will take time to study the code before responding. If asked a month later, they might even say, “I didn’t write this code.” Swift feedback allows developers to learn and make improvements promptly while the software is fresh in their minds.

Uffective plays a vital role in this process. By providing insights into key elements of Time-to-Market (TTM), our platform empowers users to optimize processes, reduce waiting times, and leverage available resources more effectively. Additionally, it will also tell you the waiting time of your system. For instance, in software development, our platform facilitates faster feedback loops and encourages the breakdown of tasks into smaller, manageable parts, fostering quality enhancements.


In conclusion, speed in business is not just about moving faster—it’s about moving smarter. By embracing efficiency without compromise, organizations can accelerate their processes, enhance quality, and drive sustainable growth. With Uffective’s tools and insights, achieving speed while maintaining excellence has never been more attainable.


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