Standard Software Is Dying: Get Fully Customisable Digital Independence  

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Many software companies offer a standard all-in-one, out-of-the-box solution. But is that enough? How can a single, one size fits all solution meet your unique business needs?   

Why standard software doesn’t (necessarily) work 

Using non-customisable software can be workable if you only need a single Excel file. But that is only the case for a few companies. In our experience, companies quickly outgrow the chosen solution, have shifting priorities, or need to focus on other aspects of their business. 

You need flexible, easily adaptable software that grows with you. And you need to be able to evolve your solution to meet your growing opportunities and ever-changing business process requirements. Plus, this solution needs to be affordable and easily customisable.  

What makes Uffective’s software more flexible than standard software solutions?  

Easy to use

With Uffective, you can easily make changes without having programming skills, making it a hugely flexible solution, regardless of your industry. And most importantly, our software is easily customisable. We allow you to adapt your setup quickly, with no expensive technical support needed.  

Users configure specific attributes with our admin’s functions, such as where and what data points should be captured. Additional admin filters can be added to increase complexity, but the abstraction model is easy to understand, even for non-engineers. For those who have very technical requirements, our Customer Success Managers are available to help you build your perfect solution.  

Uniquely adaptable  

While many other applications only work for specific professions, such as sales, Uffective can map all disciplines and link them to an overall data model. This flexibility allows for mapping data from different business areas, giving customers a more comprehensive view of their organisation.  

Equipped with the data you need  

Our adaptability can help you to solve special or unique cases. For example, some companies found the standard Uffective system unsuitable for managing risks. However, they could use the standard features and expand them to create a more complex risk-tracking portfolio.  

Uffective’s admin area and flexible data model allow businesses to achieve digital independence. With the ability to easily make changes and configure attributes, users can manage risks and complexities more effectively. Our fully flexible data model sets it apart from other solutions, making Uffective a comprehensive and cost-effective solution that can be customised to meet the evolving needs of any business.

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