Is a SQL-Database sexy?

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Exciting insights from our recent podcast episode on the topic: “Can a SQL Database be Sexy?”

In this episode, Markus Lause moderates an engaging discussion with Mark van der Pas, the Founder and CEO of Uffective, and Tobias Hartwig from E.ON, who manages a large IT investment portfolio and is an enthusiastic user of Uffective for about six years.

Tobias shares his journey from relying on Excel for data management to adopting SQL databases and the transformative impact it had on his work efficiency. Mark gives interesting background information on the evolution of Uffective’s connected Multi Cloud, from extracting data for DWH solutions to integrating and enriching data from multiple sources, and finally, pushing the enriched data back into the production database. This development has empowered customers like Tobias to manage data at unprecedented speed and scale.

The consensus? Databases can indeed be sexy, especially when they unlock such powerful capabilities for businesses.

Listen to the full episode to hear more about how Uffective is revolutionizing data management and reporting for companies like E.ON.

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