Key KPIs: “Cost of Delay” and “Current Fiscal Year Impact.”

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In the dynamic landscape of project management, staying ahead requires not only strategic planning but also a keen understanding of financial metrics that can drive decision-making.

At Uffective, we are committed to providing you with the tools you need to optimize your project execution. Today, we are excited to explore two fundamental concepts: “Cost of Delay” and “Current Fiscal Year Impact,” and how they can revolutionize your approach to project management.

Cost of Delay
Let us start by delving into the concept of “Cost of Delay” or “CoD.” Essentially, CoD quantifies the financial implications of project delays or early completions. It provides a clear understanding of how much you stand to lose with each day of delay or gain with each day of early delivery. This metric is not only valuable at the individual project level but also becomes immensely powerful when aggregated across your entire project portfolio.

Our CEO, Mark van der Pas, emphasizes the significance of CoD, highlighting the substantial disparities in estimations among project stakeholders. He notes, “Cost of Delay is an interesting KPI because we have seen that there was a factor of 50 (!) between the estimations of people in the same project when asked how much it would bring to launch the project a day earlier. It’s far more than the inaccuracy we typically encounter in business cases.”

Current Fiscal Year Impact
Uffective’s “Current Fiscal Year Impact” offers another essential toolkit for evaluating the financial performance of your project portfolio. With the Portfolio Insight dashboard, you gain a comprehensive view of each project’s revenue potential and savings for both the current and upcoming fiscal years. This allows you to make informed decisions, track project progress, predict revenue streams, forecast savings, and conduct detailed cost analyses—all from a single platform.

Mark van der Pas underscores the importance of this feature, noting its ability to address critical questions typically posed at the end of the year: “This is a way to answer questions that are typically addressed at the end of the year. What are the projects that have promised us the most value for this year?”

Incorporating “Cost of Delay” and “Current Fiscal Year Impact” into your project management strategy equips you with the insights needed to unlock your projects’ full potential. By quantifying the financial consequences of delays and optimizing revenue and savings projections, Uffective empowers you to make data-driven decisions that drive success.

Uffective’s commitment to innovation and excellence ensures that you have the tools necessary to navigate the complexities of project management with confidence. Explore the power of CoD and Current Fiscal Year Impact today and elevate your project management capabilities to new heights.


In conclusion, the integration of “Cost of Delay” and “Current Fiscal Year Impact” into Uffective’s project management platform represents a paradigm shift in how organizations approach decision-making. By quantifying the financial ramifications of delays and providing insights into revenue potential and savings, Uffective empowers project managers to optimize resource allocation, mitigate risks, and drive profitability.

As businesses navigate an increasingly competitive landscape, the ability to make informed, data-driven decisions is paramount. With Uffective, project managers gain access to a suite of tools that not only streamline project execution but also enhance financial visibility and strategic planning.


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