Benchmarking and Estimating Quality Forecast (EQF)

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Managing projects within budget and on time is a perennial challenge, particularly in the fast-paced realm of IT.

Recent research has shed light on the concerning trend of cost overruns in IT projects, with an average of 73% overshooting the planned budget. Even more alarming is the persistence of this issue, with 18% of projects experiencing overruns exceeding 50%, resulting in an average cost overrun of 447%.

At Uffective, we recognize the significance of addressing these challenges head-on. Our platform offers a consolidated view that highlights projects experiencing budget overruns, providing stakeholders with a clear understanding of the magnitude of the financial challenges they face.

But we do not stop there. Uffective goes beyond merely presenting project status; we empower users with the ability to benchmark their project performance. Our benchmarking feature facilitates a comparative analysis, allowing stakeholders to assess whether their project accuracy aligns with industry or market standards. Importantly, we acknowledge cancelled projects as a distinct category within these benchmarks, recognizing their impact on overall project performance.

However, it is crucial to acknowledge the limitations of these benchmarks. A project with a 10% cost overrun is not considered within budget, just as a project with a 100% cost overrun clearly is not either. Furthermore, it is essential to consider not only the extent of the overrun but also the timing of identifying these discrepancies in budgeting.

Enter the Estimating Quality Forecast (EQF), an integral metric within Uffective.

The EQF evaluates not only the deviation in budget but also the accuracy and timing of these forecasts. By considering both the percentage overrun and the timeliness of identifying discrepancies, the EQF provides a comprehensive assessment of forecasting quality throughout the project lifecycle.

Users can leverage the EQF to benchmark their forecasting quality against industry standards, identifying areas for improvement and enhancing project management practices within Uffective. By empowering stakeholders with actionable insights, Uffective enables organizations to proactively address budget challenges, minimize cost overruns, and optimize project outcomes.


In conclusion, Uffective is committed to mastering project budget management. Through innovative features such as consolidated project views, benchmarking capabilities, and the Estimating Quality Forecast metric, we empower organizations to navigate financial challenges with confidence. Join us on the journey towards more efficient and successful project management with Uffective by your side.


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