Uffective Acquires Full Ownership of European Centre For Machine Learning (ECfML) 

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Roermond, Netherlands28 September 2023 Uffective, a leading software solutions provider, is thrilled to announce a significant milestone in its strategic partnership with the European Center for Machine Learning (ECfML BV). Uffective has successfully increased its ownership stake in ECfML from 29% to 100%, solidifying their position as key collaborators in machine learning and software engineering. 

Founded in October 2019, ECfML BV quickly established itself as a pivotal supplier to Uffective. It offers a wide range of services, including machine learning expertise, dotnet development, SQL solutions, and robust testing services. Uffective recognised the invaluable contributions of ECfML, acquiring a 29% share in the summer of 2020. 

Over the past year, ECfML has evolved into Uffective’s primary supplier, with its 27 employees delivering essential services vital to the Uffective product and its customers. The excellence in service delivery and the integral role of ECfML in Uffective’s operations prompted the decision to pursue full ownership. 

Odo Klöcker, Chief Technology Officer at Uffective, expressed his satisfaction at the deal: “We initiated the process to acquire the remaining 71% of ECfML shares, and I am delighted to announce the successful completion of this transaction. This acquisition ensures that the exceptional expertise of the ECfML team will continue to drive Uffective’s progress in the years to come. This is a significant development for our company and a tremendous advantage for Uffective customers.” 

Former Managing Director of ECfML, Niels van der Pas, reflected on the acquisition, stating, “The sale of ECfML shares to Uffective represents a vital step in securing the future of ECfML. It empowers our team to further focus on our core strengths in machine learning and software engineering. With our machine learning models, we have made substantial contributions, including similar investments, project cancellation predictions, and cost estimation for the Uffective product. Over the years, we have delivered numerous software features to Uffective and its customers, significantly automating regression testing. We eagerly anticipate shaping the future of Uffective as we move forward.”  

Niels van der Pas has now taken on the Chief Data Officer role at Uffective. 

This strategic acquisition marks a new era of collaboration between Uffective and ECfML, promising continued innovation and excellence in machine learning and software solutions. 

For media inquiries, please contact Markus Lause: markus@uffective.com

About Uffective: Uffective is a leading software solutions provider specialising in digital strategy execution solutions like PPM, OKRs or demand management. With a commitment to boost the decision impact of its customers, Uffective delivers a cutting-edge platform to empower the digital transformation of its customers.

About European Center for Machine Learning (ECfML): European Center for Machine Learning (ECfML BV) is a renowned provider of machine learning expertise, software engineering, and testing services. Founded in 2019, ECfML has played a pivotal role in driving innovation in machine learning and data science.


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