Power your business's potential with OKRs

According to Kaplan & Norton, nine out of ten organisations fail to execute their strategy.

We are here to make sure you are that one in ten. But what are OKRs?

The history of OKRs

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1. Focus

The Uffective OKR Smart Start gives you all of the information you need on OKRs in one place. You can instantly see your personal Objectives and Key Results, your achievements in the current quarter, and your progress within the last six weeks. You can also easily follow the OKRs of your co-workers by adding them to your dashboard.

2. Alignment

In Uffective, you only need one click to view your colleagues OKRs. Beyond that, you will get updates
about their progress in real time. Viewing the team
levels helps your team to be better organised during
work. Last but not least, check ins are fully automatised.

3. Commitment

For each OKR, you can select a confidence level between 1 to 10. You can also choose whether you want to update it every week, every two weeks or every month to always keep it up to date. Furthermore, there are two kinds of goals that can be picked: committed and aspirational. These features help you to define how realistic your goal is.

4. Tracking

With Uffective, you will never lose track of your OKRs again. You can not only see the performance of an OKR overall, but also its cumulated performance for the past six weeks for every team. This helps you to analyse the process in detail to achieve even greater results in the next cycle.

5. Stretching

To get a better understanding of your OKRs, it is possible to connect them to user stories,
tasks and to projects. The confidence level of your team and current progress are then compared in real time. With our KPI Scorecard technology, you will be able to easily connect your OKRs with KPIs.

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