Similarity Predictions

Our machine learning team has developed a new product to automatically identify similar items in Uffective. This word-to-vector-based model is already being used by some of our largest customers.

What advantage does the similarity prediction give me as a Uffective user?  

The models Uffective works with can predict how similar your projects, OKRs and/or user stories are.  

“The advantage of these models is that they can increase efficiency in the execution of projects.” – Niels van der Pas, Director of Machine Learning, Uffective  

If, for example, a project is being carried out in Germany and a very similar project was carried out in Sweden a year ago, the project team in Germany can learn a lot from the Swedish project manager. This can make the implementation of the German project more efficient, but it is also possible to produce better results because the project team has more prior information.

The same is relevant for the efficiency of OKRs and user stories. Here, too, similarity prediction makes it possible to profit from colleagues with similar user stories and OKRs. This offers again a very simple solution to increase the outcomes while saving time and money. 


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