Digital Transformation of a Utility Company

Kasseler Verkehrs- und Versorgungs GmbH (KVV) (KVV) has undergone an impressive digital transformation using the Uffective platform to enhance its internal IT structure. This success story illustrates how KVV, through the implementation of Uffective, has streamlined its project management and financial planning processes. We delve into two practical examples to provide a closer look. 

Overview of KVV and Challenges Before Uffective

Introduction to KVV: Kassel Transport and Utilities GmbH (KVV) is a cross-sector holding company for utilities and public transportation (PT) in Kassel. With 12 locations divided into 4 business units and a holding company, KVV covers various areas, including energy production, PT with trams and buses, fiber installations, and recreational facilities like pools. With around 1900 employees and a turnover of 570 million euros, KVV is a significant utility company. 

Challenges for KVV

KVV faced IT challenges stemming from a historical decision in 2009 to outsource internal IT, resulting in multiple decentralized IT control points across different business units. This led to parallel operation of redundant IT applications and a loss of oversight on IT matters. 

During a restructuring project from 2017 to 2018, it was recognized that internal IT competency needed strengthening. Instead of bringing IT back in-house, the Digitalization and Information Technology department was created, focusing on governance, IT project management, and process optimization. After its launch in 2019, KVV had to gain control over its IT issues. 

An internal process called IT Measures Request was maintained to ensure necessary involvement, data protection information, and communication between departments and IT. Despite a corporate agreement for IT systems, there were multiple media breaks within the systems used. 

KVV became aware of Uffective because the tool offered the ability to manage multiprojects and seamlessly integrate with SAP systems. Through the implementation of Uffective, KVV significantly increased efficiency in handling IT measures requests and workflows, leading to a significant improvement in dealing with initial challenges related to IT matters. 

First Practical Example – Project Management

The first practical example details how the implementation of Uffective provided KVV with a comprehensive solution in the field of project management. 

Comprehensive Uffective Implementation

Kassel Transport and Utilities GmbH (KVV) chose to optimize its project management processes by introducing Uffective. Here are the key steps and benefits of the Uffective implementation: 

Introduction of the Uffective tool and its role

Uffective is a cloud-to-cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution specifically designed for project management. This innovative platform serves as a digital control center where all aspects of a project are coordinated and managed. Uffective’s role is to provide a central platform for efficient coordination, monitoring, and documentation of all project activities, promoting improved teamwork and accelerated project execution. The various functions and advantages of the Uffective tool are explained in more detail below. 

Initiation of new projects directly in the platform

Project managers can initiate new project ideas directly in Uffective. By selecting the relevant company and creating the project, the initiation process is simplified. The tool guides users through the necessary steps, facilitating quick and efficient initiation of projects. The platform ensures that the entire process from idea development to project creation is seamless and user-friendly. 

Efficient approval workflows: Acceleration of approval processes

Uffective excels in seamless integration of approval workflows. The project idea is created directly in the platform, and approval requests can be effortlessly sent. This significantly optimizes the approval process and minimizes manual steps. 

Application submission and project recording

The straightforward application process allows project managers to submit ideas, select the company, and provide a brief description. The option to save ideas temporarily or start the approval process immediately improves flexibility. 

Type of change and document attachment

To inform the approval process accurately, the type of change is specified, serving as an informative basis for stakeholders. Relevant documents can be attached directly to the request to create a comprehensive decision-making foundation. 

Selection of approver and comment function

The request is specifically sent to the relevant decision-maker, such as the IT manager. The platform allows direct communication through comments to request additional information or leave specific comments. 

Approval decision and feedback

The approving person, such as the IT manager, receives clear notifications about pending approval requests. After reviewing all relevant information, they make decisions for approval or rejection. Clarifications or adjustments can be requested if needed. 

Project manager feedback and continuation

After the approval decision, the project manager receives feedback. Upon approval, the request disappears from the decision-maker’s responsibility area, and the project manager can now initiate implementation. If rejected, feedback is provided for necessary adjustments. 

Transparent approval workflows

Uffective’s approval workflows are transparent not only internally but also across the corporation. Every initiator can check the current status at any time, improving collaboration and contributing to efficient project execution. 

Project management and overview: Clear structure for effective implementation

The Uffective platform allows for a comprehensive project overview and effective progress monitoring through various modules used in daily project management: 

Project overview and phase status

In the project list, project managers gain a clear overview of the status of their projects. The traffic light display shows progress in three essential dimensions: capacities, budgets, and deadlines. This visual representation enables quick recognition of a project’s phase and identifies potential action areas. 

Progress monitoring and company structure

The modules in Uffective allow detailed progress monitoring, including displaying the company from which the project originates and the project’s complexity. Real-time evaluations are available and can be used for improved company structure. The ability to track progress allows for early detection and addressing of bottlenecks. 

Work packages and GANTT charts

For granular project control, projects are divided into work packages. These can be equipped with detailed tasks displayed on a clear board. The connection to GANTT charts enables a temporal visualization of tasks and work packages, making project planning and implementation efficient. 

Profile generation for transparency

Noteworthy is the profile generation function, allowing the creation of a clear profile from the current status of a project. This profile includes all relevant data significant for meetings and stakeholder communication. The ability to customize the profile and export it as a PDF greatly facilitates transparency and documentation. Overall, these features provide comprehensive control and management of projects in Uffective, contributing to efficient and transparent project execution. 


The success story of KVV with the implementation of Uffective demonstrates how a comprehensive digital transformation can successfully address the challenges of a decentralized IT structure. The decision to introduce Uffective as a central platform not only enables efficient coordination and monitoring of all project activities but also creates transparency and improves collaboration throughout the entire company. The initiation of new projects, transparent approval workflows, and comprehensive project overview are crucial for increasing efficiency and successfully managing multiprojects. In summary, KVV proves that digital transformation with Uffective not only optimizes the IT structure but also establishes the foundation for future-oriented and transparent project execution.