Uffective: Effective Asset and Project Management in the Energy Sector

In our first post, we outlined the main challenges in asset management for the energy sector. Today, we delve into how Uffective addresses these issues and optimizes processes for energy companies. Qualification of Project Ideas and Measures Uffective provides a robust framework for evaluating project ideas based on criteria such as costs, resources, time, and […]

Is a SQL-Database sexy?

Exciting insights from our recent podcast episode on the topic: “Can a SQL Database be Sexy?” In this episode, Markus Lause moderates an engaging discussion with Mark van der Pas, the Founder and CEO of Uffective, and Tobias Hartwig from E.ON, who manages a large IT investment portfolio and is an enthusiastic user of Uffective […]

The Digital Transformation of Asset Management in the Energy Sector

Welcome to our series on how Uffective is transforming asset management in the energy sector. In the upcoming posts, we will thoroughly examine the specific challenges of this industry, the innovative solutions from Uffective, and the significant benefits energy companies can gain from these advancements. Whether you deal with complex project management, resource allocation, or […]

Uffective 2.0: Cutting-Edge Technology Meets Maximum User-Friendliness

The latest podcast takes you into the exciting world of Uffective 2.0. Our CTO Odo Klöcker and our Chief Commercial Officer Markus Lause discuss the development of the next generation of our platform and the powerful new features awaiting our customers. The Success Story of Uffective 1.0 Almost ten years ago, Uffective 1.0 laid the […]

Selection process and criteria for a planning tool

In this podcast episode, Matthias Endemann, Head of Controlling at PwC Germany, and Mark van der Pas, CEO of Uffective, discuss the selection criteria for planning tools for investment controlling. What are investment planning tools and what do companies use them for?How to choose the right planning tool to fit the requirements of your company?What are […]

Is standard software dead?

Are you a German speaker?The Transformation from Standard Software to Flexibility: A Conversation with Dr. Tobias Hartwich from E.ON and Mark van der Pas, CEO of Uffective. In today’s digital business world, the flexibility of software solutions is crucial. Companies like E.ON rely on innovative tools to streamline their workflows and support their employees. But […]

Roadmap 2023

During the course of 2023, Uffective went through an exciting journey marked by innovation and progress, raising our project and portfolio management platform to new levels. From start to finish, we’ve been dedicated to making our vision of efficiency, teamwork, and cutting-edge technology a reality. Throughout the year, we’ve made significant improvements and added new […]

Online Seminar: Erfolgsfaktor Ressourcen-Management in der Praxis 

An advert for the webinar between Uffective and Affinis

Datum: 21. Juni, 26. Sept., 26. Okt.  Ort: Online  Kostenlos Erfolgreiche Unternehmen stehen vor der Herausforderung, komplexe Projekte zu bewältigen. Unser kostenloses Webinar zeigt Ihnen, wie Projektportfoliomanagement (PPM) und smartes Ressourcenmanagement zu mehr Effizienz führen. Anhand praktischer Use Cases mit Uffective und Power BI erfahren Sie, wie Sie Projekte schneller, effizienter und transparenter umsetzen können. […]

Introducing Uffective’s New Machine Learning Feature: Powered by GPT  

Picture showing a ChatGPT being integrated in Uffective

We are thrilled to unveil Uffective’s latest machine learning feature, leveraging GPT’s power to help you manage your projects better. With this feature, we have seamlessly integrated GPT into Uffective, enabling the automatic analysis and generation of project-related content.   Previously, our users could upload PowerPoint or Word files to the Document section of each project, […]

Use Machine Learning With Scrum To Plan Your Resources Better 

A company’s success is built on how it best manages its resources. If resources are used effectively, higher production can be achieved at a lower cost and with less impact on employees.    With Uffective, you can use many methods to manage your resources, including machine learning. Read our case study below to learn how […]