Roadmap 2023 – so far

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We are excited to unveil the Uffective Roadmap for the first half of 2023, showcasing come extraordinary achievements that have propelled our tool to new heights.
Join us as we redefine success in project and portfolio management. From improving our visual capabilities in PowerBI and interactive Gantt charts, to improving board decisions making by showing similar projects approvals all the way through to implementing GPT into our Uffective platform. We’ve just stepped into the second half of 2023 and there’s a lot more on the horizon….   🚀


Updated FYI functionality


We improved our chat functionality for easy collaboration. You can now view corresponding FYIs to get more context, stay informed and track important conversations easily. 



Next step Power BI

Seamlessly view your custom-built Power BI dashboards within Uffective. Our new Power BI integration lets you connect your workspaces, eliminating the need to switch platforms or log in multiple times. 



Deeplinks in Uffective

Effortlessly navigate to relevant topics with Uffective’s deep links feature. Even if you’re not logged in, clicking on a Uffective deep link will automatically direct you to your desired destination. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of searching for your intended location and enjoy a streamlined user experience. 

Board Vision Approval Management

Transforming board management through digitalising approval requests while including insights in past and yet to come future approvals on similar projects. Unlock your board’s potential for more efficient, informed approvals.

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Launching Attribute Approvals!

Now, in addition to budgets, milestones, documents, and deliverables, any project data point can be incorporated into the approval workflow. This breakthrough empowers our customers with unrivaled flexibility to enforce their unique business governance to facilitates precise decision-making.



Extract Office And Add It To Your Projects

New machine learning feature supported by GPT: When you upload  Office documents, details such as project descriptions, goals, and benefits will automatically appear in the project description record. This saves you the time and effort by eliminating double data entry.
Read more about it here.

Admin for Tables: 1.0


The improved Uffective admin functionality makes creating and maintaining tables a breeze. An Admin can now set up project grids independently by selection project datapoints, setting column filtering and designing access schemes.




Interactive Gantt Capabilities

Enhanced Gantt capabilities enable users to directly modify all data points within a Gantt chart, such as RAG status and start/end dates. This seamless functionality empowers customers to efficiently update project details by clicking on the desired data and making changes in a convenient pop-up, saving time and improving project management efficiency.


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